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February 24, 2007
So, I made a few movies with my camera as well this trip; mostly wildlife as it turns out. Nothing too amazing, but I'm grateful youtube makes them easy to share.

The Morikami had an interesting water and bamboo thing, where water would trickle into carefully arranged bamboo tube until it became unbalanced and tipped the water out. A bit like a "Drinky Bird" toy, but you know, with a lot more class:

I was a little annoyed that they cut me off at the end when I talk about making a "pointless animated GIF" not a "pointless animated G-".

And the other video with commentary from me and Felisdemens (that I shot just for Miller and his eternal interesting in all things Turtle-y)

Butterfly flight, which also has a sample of the music Butterfly World uses everywhere. I kind of see the "wonderland of beauty" effect they're aiming for but it's a little trite:
I also made a video of that perching hummingbird but it's not all that better than the photo yesterday.

Finally, a Florida sandpiper. Too bad you hear more wind than surf, but still. Sandpipers are fun to watch.