you are feeling sleeeeepy...

Sometimes I feel I haven't been sleeping well. But I have no idea why... my favorite theory is that I'm not making the room dark enough, but that's a guess based on an experience in a very dark room in Portugal... but thinking back, I might have been jet-lagged and/or keeping weird hours anyway.

Some folks think the trick is to sleep au naturel but I don't think that's the secret.

Of course, a dozen different mattress companies will tell me... it's the mattress. But the thing is, I have no idea what kind of mattress I like, firm, soft, whatever... I just don't know. I go to Jordan's with their stupid "sleep technicians", they ask me questions for preferences I don't know how to form. And then you lie there, fully clothed, maybe even shoes-on, and you're supposed to be able to figure it out? Forget it.

What this country needs, then, is a special mattress hotel. With a full range of mattresses... hard, soft, the ones with the air, the ones with the sleep number, "dux" bed, posturepedic, all that stuff. To try overnight. Even to make love on! (It's not like it would be the first hotel people did that in, but I guess a mattress hotel might want to not emphasize that aspect.)

I'd rent a week's worth of rooms in a hotel like that, just so I could know.

Funny of the Moment
Teacher: When you grow up you can be anything you want!
Second grader: I can be an elephant?!

Milestone of the Moment
Happy 50 Years of Independence Ghana! Sounds like you still have a lot of infrastructure challenges and the like, but keeping your act together in that kind of region is an accomplishment!

Poster of the Moment

--"Ain't It the Truth?"...from BrokenTV, via boingboing