fevah! what a lovely way to burn

Hmm. Felt a bit better this morning, not running a fever... my secret placebo was buying a humidifer for the bedroom.

Link of the Moment
I have to admit I really dig that glass bottomed walkway over the Grand Canyon. Some folks will complain about spoiling up the natural beauty, but... it's a big canyon, and I think it's a lovely thing to have done.

Minicomic of the Moment

--from Tom the Dancing Bug Super-Fun-Pak Comix...

Link of the Moment
The current
betting pool for the US Presidential race. I think it's telling that the wide gap between Hillary and Obama in the Democratic Candidates race is much smaller in the All Canidates pool. I wonder if that means that Giuliani beats Obama but loses to Hillary, or what I tend to think, which is that Hillary is more likely to win the nomination but has become such a rallying point for the rightwingers that she's less likely than Obama to win it all.