7 inches taller and that's ME, man

Bleh. The number of other Kirk Israels on Google is growing.

Previously, I knew of some guy, maybe dead, out in Arizona, and then this one electrical inspector and/or coach in Vermont.

But now there's this 6'6" Guard from the Lipscomb Bisons basketball team. He's snuck up to about 4th or 5th place on the results page, depending on how you use quotes.

Grr! There can be only one!

Not that I'd say that to his face.

Game of the Moment
Desktop Tower Defense is a cute little game. A bit like that Defend Your Castle (against the hoard of stick figure barbarians), or the PC game Dungeon Keeper. You set up little stationary towers that both attack the oncoming hoards as well as let you block them, to prevent them from getting to the opposite side... so a typical strategy is to build labyrinths to heard them into withering crossfire before they make their way to the opposite side.

It's funny how the game combat is so indirect... you don't directly attack the enemies, and they can't do anything to your towers.

Exchange of the Moment
"What'd you do?"
"I took a step class...
...oh my god... ...Evil fuckin' old lady"
I'm not sure if I quite caught the terrific, under-his-breath resentful tone that amused me so much.