wings give you red bull

March 30, 2007
Random anecdote: I remember once my dad was on an airplane trip, and somehow I found out he was bringing me back "wings" from the airline. I didn't know what they were, but my folks made them sound like something I should be excited about, so I was! Some kind of flying toy? or better yet, something that would let me fly?? I was literally dizzy with anticipation.

When I found out that was just some stupid decorative pin, I was so deeply disappointed.

Another time he took an airplane trip where, through a series of bumps and rebates and discounts and something to do with PEOPLExpress, the airline ended up paying my dad to fly, much to his amusement.

Link of the Moment
Why a Career in Programming Sucks. Some good points, but it still comes down to how it feels like one of the last bastions of being payed well for making stuff. (via Catherine, but her LJ is mostly for friends only)