sorrow in virginia

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April 17, 2007
For some reason the tragedy in Virginia makes me want to avoid the usual kisrael blather for a day.

I caught how the Daily Show kind of dodged it; a brief mention of the fact that they were not to going to be tackling it, and a small joke about how the plan was to repress it for now and have a breakdown 30 years down the line, and then on to the email abuse scandal.

I guess what struck me was the physicality of it, I guess specifically the use of doors; the chaining of the main building door by the gunman, then how the barricading of classroom doors (in one case students only having the time to block it with the edge of their shoes, rather than forming a blockade with furniture as happened in other rooms) frustrated the gunman and left him only able to put a few shots through the door.

Yikes. I better stop thinking along these lines before I become one of those people who never stops glancing around, investigating hiding spots and lines of sight and computing tactical strategies wherever they go.