friends helping friends

April 22, 2007
So I ended up helping Evil B all day yesterday, and probably will again today.

In an "abundance of caution" we're wearing reasonably heavy duty breather masks, with the filters on the side for the inhale and the one way valve in the center for the exhale. So it's like your own personal atmosphere in there, all filtered and what not. One of us, and I'm not saying who, had the good line "Urrp... oh man, I'm going to be enjoying that one for a while."

The laugh of the day was all mine, though you have to understand the "friends help friends move / good friends help friends move bodies" level of friendship between me and him... "Gee, I wonder what EB's furniture will look like in this room... if that's where his futon will go, or... hey, wait, why I am wondering? I'm probably gonna be moving that crap myself in a few months!"

Well, maybe you had to be there. And there, getting a little loopy on the fumes that are sneaking past the breathing mask.