life is what you can get away with

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April 23, 2007
Not to sound too much like I'm trying for my martyr card, but there's that saying "friends help friends move, real friends help friends move bodies." I'd prefer to think of that second part as "real friends help friends spend whole weekends doing the Herculean tasks involved in going over a house full of the antique-ish knick knacks (and lead paint) of a lovely old lady who'd lived there for decades while smoking quite a bit, and working towards the goal of having it be a fit place to raise a one year old child." but that really, really doesn't scan.

Politics of the Moment
I really liked this Slate piece on which presidential candidate is which stock?... John Edwards as Krispy Kreme is especially clever.

Toys of the Moment
--Chris Deck's MINI Star Wars models are just small and brilliant and lovely.

Quote of the Moment
"The reason I wear pajamas all the time is along the way I discovered I could get away with it."
Hugh Hefner, on NPR this morning.
Life made a little more sense when I realized that he wasn't the same guy as Howard Hughes, despite the alliteration.