April 24, 2007
Summer was so here yesterday, and today as well.

Besides the joy of wearing sandals, I think what I was most missing was seeing shoulders. They're a terribly underrated part of the body, sensual and expressive without being blatant about it. Some people look for the first bluebird of spring, me, I'm on the hunt for the first shoulders.

Yesterday was kind of amazing though... not just the multitudes casually taking in the sun or going for a jog, but it seems like many sports teams picked the day to start their practices as well. As if some giant switch had been flipped...

I wonder. Does the grueling winter add that much to the appreciation of the warmer weather, or should I just move some place that's closer to this all year round? My friend Andy moved to Atlanta, he claims the people are just friendlier outside of New England, as if the layers we put on during the harsher seasons carry a metaphysical weight that lasts the whole year long.

Blog of the Moment
--A blog inviting you to Judge a Book by its cover, general publishing industry snarkery from a public library librarian. Great stuff.

International Politics of the Moment
Slate on the rise and fall of Boris Yeltsin... or at least his reputation.

I heard someone thinking that Putin was trying for a clearly illegal fourth term (he's finishing up his sketchy third claiming that the two-term limit didn't apply since the Constitution hadn't been set up at the outset) but now I hear he'll pick an heir apparent and back him.

Reminds me of how some folks wanted to remove the two-term limit for Reagan. Not sure if the same thought occurred to Clinton fans (though in 2003 he said that he'd like it to be a limit on consecutive terms)