May 3, 2007
Last night I was watching a movie over at FoSO's and FoSOSO's, "Hollywoodland", the life and death of George Reeves, TV's Superman.

"Huh," I said, "this guy kind of acts like Ben Affleck."

It was, of course, Ben Affleck.

That's how it is with me and movies. I watch a fair number, I appreciate characters, but actors just tend not to stick. (Or, possibly, he changed his hair for the role; hair plays an oddly important role in how I remember people.)

Market of the Moment
So yesterday was another record close for the Dow. Whenever that happens, I always think back to the Onion's tour de force Our Dumb Century, specifically this pair of headlines.
October 22, 1927:
Stock Mark Invincible
'Buy. Buy, Buy!' Experts Advise
October 29, 1927:
Pencils for Sale
Maybe it's just me.

Metapost of the Moment
I'm not sure if anyone else really likes them that much, but I'd really like to add more doodles to the site. (Kind of like the little incidental cartoons they have in the New Yorker.) In part to practice my doodling, in part to liven up the place a bit.

Early, the first few months of 2001, had a lot of doodles. I also noticed that all my images were small, even the photos tended to be less than 200 pixels across. Either I was excessively bandwidth conscious then, or more likely, I had the idea that the site should be very PDA friendly.