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May 4, 2007
Quote of the Moment
My analyst (who is also losing ground steadily) told me later that it was a happy thing that I had been able to go back to school and spank my teacher. He said that noticeably good results would begin to show up in my life. They haven't, though.
--James Thurber, "Back to the Grades".

James Thurber has always been a favorite of mine. I just reread his collection "Middle Aged Man on the Flying Trapeze". I was surprised by a few things: Article of the Moment
Researchers think that the world is walking 10% faster.

That just reminds me of what a wuss I feel like walking to the T station. It feels like I'm slower than nearly everybody, some of the "little old ladies" included. And you know it's not supposed to be a race, but still. Those people passing you on the right... not the joggers, just the folks going to work like you... you know they're feeling just a bit smug.

Snark of the Moment
--I found this headshot (a .gif file, oddly) on a old review of a Pocket PC. I have nothing to say but: Mr. Zabrek, you deserved a better photo. Here you look a bit too evil to trust to PDA recommendations.

Pop Culture of the Moment
It seems kind of odd to me that Spiderman 3 seems to be taking the series down the same dumb-headed path as the Batman series. The first Batman was about the Joker; great. Then they did Cat Woman and Penguin. It kind of worked. Then it was Riddler and Two-Face, plus oh yeah, here's Robin. Then... Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, Bane, and why not, here's Batgirl.

So this Spiderman seems to have the New Globin, Venom, and the Sandman.

I don't get it. You'd think the producers for potentially long-legged series would want to dole out the baddies one at a time... are they afraid any one of them can't carry the movie? That this mishmash is a way of increasing the odds that J. Random Moviegoer will be drawn to one of the characters at least?