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May 4, 2007
Quote of the Moment
My analyst (who is also losing ground steadily) told me later that it was a happy thing that I had been able to go back to school and spank my teacher. He said that noticeably good results would begin to show up in my life. They haven't, though.
James Thurber, "Back to the Grades".
James Thurber has always been a favorite of mine. I just reread his collection "Middle Aged Man on the Flying Trapeze". I was surprised by a few things:
Article of the Moment
Researchers think that the world is walking 10% faster.

That just reminds me of what a wuss I feel like walking to the T station. It feels like I'm slower than nearly everybody, some of the "little old ladies" included. And you know it's not supposed to be a race, but still. Those people passing you on the right... not the joggers, just the folks going to work like you... you know they're feeling just a bit smug.

Snark of the Moment
--I found this headshot (a .gif file, oddly) on a old review of a Pocket PC. I have nothing to say but: Mr. Zabrek, you deserved a better photo. Here you look a bit too evil to trust to PDA recommendations.

Pop Culture of the Moment
It seems kind of odd to me that Spiderman 3 seems to be taking the series down the same dumb-headed path as the Batman series. The first Batman was about the Joker; great. Then they did Cat Woman and Penguin. It kind of worked. Then it was Riddler and Two-Face, plus oh yeah, here's Robin. Then... Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, Bane, and why not, here's Batgirl.

So this Spiderman seems to have the New Globin, Venom, and the Sandman.

I don't get it. You'd think the producers for potentially long-legged series would want to dole out the baddies one at a time... are they afraid any one of them can't carry the movie? That this mishmash is a way of increasing the odds that J. Random Moviegoer will be drawn to one of the characters at least?