new digs

May 6, 2007
I've changed webhost providers. There are still a few bugs around; as far as I know, for you guys it's mostly that now in firefox the comments submit doesn't automatically take you back to the posted comments.

Thought of the Moment
"What do you say now to women (and maybe men, too) who are ambivalent about having a child?"
"Get to it! Life is short and kids are the best. They connect you to the future, they force you to grow up, they make you appreciate life in a totally different way. There will never be a perfect time, the right amount of money, and the mate of your dreams. You may get one out of three, and that's enough."
--Rebecaa Walker. Not that it's a currently pressing issue for me, or I think I have any of the three really, but she makes as good an argument as I've seen.

Absolute Geekery of the Moment
Huh, one weird problem with the new system... after some empirical experimentation and tracking down some red herrings, I realized that on my new serve any query string ending with the string "perl" would come up with a server error.

Anyway, I was weirdly proud of coming up with this unix one liner for helping synchronize my new site location with the recent changes on the new one:
find . -mtime -30 -print -exec cp --parents {} /tmp/foo \;
That finds all files modified in the last 30 days and then copies them to /tmp/foo , preserving their directory structure. (That way you can do a simple tar in that directory, and then untar it in the root directory of your final destination.) For me the new parts were find's -mtime and cp's --parents.

The other line I've been using is
find . -name "*cgi" -exec grep -Hi "/kisrael" {} \;
which would find all *cgi files containing "/kisrael"... the argument I kept forgetting is grep's -H, which prints the filename (otherwise I have to tell it to also look in /dev/null.

One of the things I remember from "The UNIX-HATERS Handbook" is how for all the love Unix "pipes" get in terms of connecting data between different programs, Mac and Windows' clipboards really blow it away, just in terms of handling text and graphics. Yeah, it's not as scriptable, but there are definitely times when you want to work with more than plain text. It must be a fair amount of automagic to get that to work properly.