just one good ol' boy

May 7, 2007
Yesterday my car was followed by the "General Lee":

Seriously... this is where route 16 forks onto 2 and 3 near Alewife.

Man, I loved that show when I was in like fourth grade. Much to my parents dismay.

Poem of the Moment
I live in a Chiropractic World
A world free from drugs and disease
A world free from pain and suffering
A world free from poverty and war
A world free from anger and hostilitym
A world free from chemical imbalance and ill mental health
A world free from vertebral subluxation
Eric Plasker, "A Chiropractic World".
This is the first half of a poem also posted at the Marino Wellness Center I take my yoga class at.

I have to say, that seems a lot to expect from keeping folks' backs in order... plus I like all those rather lofty and noble and somewhat abstract goals, culminating in a rather more prosaic medical issue.

Quote of the Moment
"I am against using death as a punishment. I am also against using it as a reward."
Gah, can't believe they're calling it "iGoogle"... how late-90s of them!