it only thinks it's happening.

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May 26, 2007
My company has a "Beer O'Clock" tradition of having some booze at 4PM on Friday. Somehow yesterday it got joined with a "Whisky-Thirty" supplement to toast some birthdays.

That was good.

Images of the Moment

EB is a big believer in cheap coveralls during renovation work to keep the toxic stuff away from family and baby...I just like looking like late-period Beastie Boys.

A mirror inside the house.

Graffiti on the bikepath.

I enjoyed the self-referentiality of someone writing the word "penis" as opposed to scrawling the more typical crude rendition of one.

My team "Posh Spies" from the latest grunthunt. Tinfoil hats ahoy!

Aprés le Grunt, a smooch from soon-to-be-newlyweds.

The only recent photo in this lot, "hug harder" from a bench at the Harvard Square T station. I <3 hippy graffiti!

Quote of the Moment
"Oh man, this isnít happening. It only thinks it's happening."
--The movie Tron, celebrating its 25th Anniversary. Saying "it only thinks" is more clever than I remember it being; I never noticed the kind of sly nod to Descartes in that before.