Washington, AC/DC

June 5, 2007
I want to run for public office on a platform of changing the city name of Washington D.C. to, I dunno, Washington D.U.S.A. or some such. I mean why should Colombia get all the blamecredit for what goes on there?

(Yeah, Yeah, I know, not the same thing but still, a bit odd. Not "Electoral College" odd, but odd.)

Link of the Moment
I was thinking about the similarities between Zen life practice and Getting Things Done when I found a nifty site ZenHabits.net. They even offer ZTD: Zen-To-Done, a somewhat Zen-ified version of the GTD methodology.

Image of the Moment

--Found online, on jj.am, a kind of archive for 4chan.org. Neither site for the faint of heart or delicately-sensibled. I've been on an animated GIF kick as of late.