June 16, 2007
Been working in Rockport and only barely got this entry in! (Ahh, dialup via modem... brings back memories, though not as much as going straight to a 2400 baud 80x24 terminal screen would...)

I know, heaven forfend I miss a day, especially when I don't have much to say...

But I will take a moment to put in a good word for the Roll-O-Matic Sponge Roller Mop. Besides having a nifty name, it really does work a treat. EvilB and I are taking on a nasty cleaning task, swabbing the ceiling of this one nicotine-stained room with water and cleaning fluid, and this thing works wonders at getting the water back up off the floor, with a legitimately clever squeeze mechanism. Yay for simple, well-designed technology. (You can tell I just read "One Good Turn", the history of the screw and screwdriver... we take so much precision manufacture for granted!)