"i will not be reading my mail forever"

Despite the risk of running into "what are you trying to do, kill your mother?" I wanted to mention that at Mr. Ibis' birthday party we hosted, for a lark I got my toenails painted by felisdemens:

(I used nail polish remover the other day, fulfilling my vow to felisdemens to remove the color before it grew out too much.)

It was interesting gaging folks' reaction to it. Some positive, some much more iffy. It provoked more raised eyebrow than I expected... painted toenails are a bigger secondary signifier than I would have guessed, people don't see it as a gender-neutral form of decoration like they have with earrings.

PS On an unrelated (honest) note, the proposed MA constitutional amendment to limit the definition of marriage was defeated so it won't come to statewide ballot until at least 2012. Good.

Books of the Moment
Now Reading: "The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin". Just Finished: "One Good Turn" and "The Perks of Being a Wallflower"

Spam Response of the Moment
I will not be reading my mail forever.
Your mail regarding '(No subject)' will be read if you send to my another mail address.
please get my new address from faculty of management.
Thank you
Automated response to some Spam sent by some jerk using my domain as the apparent "from".
I just like the despair in the first line, undercut a bit by what follows.

Link of the Moment
Kids roaming ranges shrinking. Talks about some interesting possible mental health issues related to that. boingboing has a nice summary. I know I have a very iffy relationship with the great outdoors...