interested in chatting to goofy guy?

June 25, 2007
I've had a lot of "Hi! I'm tired this afternoon. Interested in chatting to pretty girl?" SPAM as of late. It makes me wonder if the phrase "tired this afternoon" bit is helping it through Gmail's spamfilter, if it capitalizes on some international fatigue or malaise expressed in ordinary mail. Or, more likely, it's just a short message, and thus harder pattern to seperate from normal short emails.

I'm always tempted to try to send joke e-mails to friends following the spam patterns, but I guess the risk of my mail being mistaken for the real thing is just too great. And maybe they won't get it either.

Video of the Moment
This weekend I subjected myself to a Larry the Cable Guy concert (or whatever they call an hour or two of recorded stage "comedy"). I guess the accent reminds me of hanging out with my cousins in downstate Ohio back in the day. A few laughs as well, but too much dumb, mean-spirited, and/or gross-out humor.

Anyway, here's a video of the guy before the accent and personae, in this weirdly-high-strung 80s-comedy-show manner. Nowadays this guy really has the pandering thing down.