June 27, 2007
So with the whole Chris Benoit murder/suicide tragedy, they were making a big deal about discovering steroids. I gotta say, I almost fell over from not-surprise that a professional wrestler was found using steroids. That's a contender for biggest non-clue in the history of sleuthing. I'm not saying that they weren't a factor in what he did, or that the number of deaths of these entertainers over the past few decades isn't alarming but... sheesh.

Article of the Moment
Slate has a neat article on the best movie quips, with a focus on Die Hard's famous line (WARNING, CUSSES)
A quarter of the line (or half, depending on how you count) is profane, and yet "Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker" is actually a delicate wisecrack. Underscoring the line's bridging of generations is the symmetry of its construction. On either side of the comma, past and present each get four syllables. This balance is manifested in the evenness of Willis' first—and best—delivery of the line. Subtly, he eases off "fucker," the word that, by virtue of its syntactical position, and its very nature, we might expect to land hardest on our ears. That Willis does not employ the same deftness in the sequels is a pity. The phrase is most effective not as a buildup to some hammer punch, but as one seamless unit of defiance.
In the 80s it was always fun to play "predict the quip"... I mean when Danny Glover is fighting off baddies in a construction project in his home with a nail gun, you know what line is coming up, right?

Webcomic of the Moment

--Julia Wertz' Fart Party, a great mostly-autobiographical webcomic. They didn't have any of the (what are the name of those $1 or $2, hand-stapled xerox style comics? Those.) at Million Year Picnic, but it sounds like there might be some larger compilations coming out.

Also... is this comic true?? Seems like a potentially useful factoid to know.