vacation scratchlog flush #1

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July 9, 2007
So I'm heading to New Jersey for a few days, then I'll be back up here and try to organize my life and declutter a bit more. I'm tearing through my "scratchlog"... this site's editor app has a box, a scratch pad of sorts, that's meant to let me preview HTML before putting it in a real entry but sometimes I tend to leave things for the backlog there, or links that I want to remind myself to check out. So this week will clean that out.

Steam Trek explores what Star Trek in the silent era of films might have been like.

New York Magazine had a fascinating read The Profit Calculator explaining how various businesses... from cabbies and yoga studios all the way up to the Yankees and the city government... make money, what aspects are most and least profitable, etc.

My friend Kate wrote a PDF on Best Practices for Web Developers. It's a pretty good read.

Geektastic... some links to Gary Stasiuk's lovely artificial creature work, including the math behind simple movement and behaviour. I really need to read this more deeply and try to make some more interesting interactions

--"Thou Shalt Always Kill"