vacation scratchlog flush #3

July 11, 2007
1988 docudrama about "the ideas of Douglas Hofstadter"... includes a re-enactment of The Soul of the Mark III Beast and some other short stories that I first saw excerpted in Daniel C. Dennett and Douglas Hofstadter's, "The Mind's I". This video is an hour and a half, but worthwhile if you want some amazing ideas about what our brains and selves actually are.

A game that might prove momentarily amusing for Windows users, drunken hyper-blocky sumo wrestling.

Could hacketyhack be to kids these days what BASIC was to kids when I was growing up? Dunno.

A video of CSI Miami - Endless Caruso One Liners, just before the title song kicks in ... this guys is like the Sherlock Holmes of formulaic television!

Dali on What's My Line was more well-behaved than I expected.

Slate on the art of human beatbox. I'm still pretty likely to do this whenever I'm alone in an echo-y place.