the boy is back in town

July 14, 2007
So I got back Thursday. I was happy to see how many comments the links I prepublished last week got, maybe that's a nudge about what most interests people about the site...

Probably of interest only to people who A. are me, or related to me B. like Chicago photos or C. were, you know, getting married that weekend, I've added a lightly annotated set of Chicago photos to the set from my previous trip circa 2005.

Exchange of the Moment
"It just occurred to me that I'm sitting around the house in my underwear."
"....Yeah, it's like you're always the last to know, huh?"
--Err, "Anonymous" and Me last night.

Article of the Moment
Ten Politically Incorrect Truths About Human Nature. The pieces paints with an overly-broad brush, but has some interesting ideas. There's a lot of stuff we have trouble admitting about human nature, I suppose because of the risk that labeling some unpleasant behavior as "natural" might grant a license to keep that behavior up.