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July 25, 2007
So, Boston NOW seems to be edging out Boston Metro... at least I see more people handing it out, and more piles of it around.

I always feel a little bad for the people handing it out. As well as for the folks selling the more traditional papers.

Overall that seems like a lot of trees on a daily basis, and I wish there was a corresponding upgrade recycling program.

International News of the Moment
Slashdot reporting on Iranians capturing squirrels they claimed were spying, that is, wired with high tech gear and what not. "Wait Wait Don't Tell me" had the best line about it, roughly paraphrased:
I can just see the situation at the White House, Cheney turning to Bush at the conference table and saying "OK, we tried your idea, now could we please get back to business?
The show then devolved into Rocky the Flying Squirrel "Moose Undt Sqvierrel" jokes, but still.

Failed Products of the Moment
Format Wars, The Tech That Should Have Won. (Warning, gratuitously cheesy illustrations.) The (largely USAian) Slashdot readers thought it was junk as were the technologies it championed, but this gentleman points out that most of these did pretty well in the UK, where the article came from.