two-fisted politics

July 24, 2007
You know, for primitive culture without many reflective surfaces, you'd think seeing your reflection in still water would be pretty deep magic, a basis for mythology... I mean, I guess a lot of animals get over it and don't seem to freak out about the "other", but still. Despite stuff like Narcissus and "Through the Looking Glass", I'm surprised reflections don't get nearly as much mythological play as, say, light vs. dark.

News of the Moment
One Laptop Per Child is underway, and already kids browsing porn is an issue. Actually, the morning before I read that story I heard about the progress of OLPC, and how they agonized about the $2.50 extra adding a camera to it would cost... for a second I wondered if "teen webcam girl" culture might spread through these potentially at-risk populations in the most vile ways imaginable. Mercifully, I don't think the economic infrastructure is there for that, but still.

Funny of the Moment
Cute Slate piece on what they should have asked at last nights Youtube debates:
Gentlemen, here's the scenario: As you are flying home from Moscow--having told the world you will never deal with terrorists--hijackers, posing as reporters, seize Air Force One. They vow to kill a hostage every half-hour, including your wife and daughter, until you release a murderous Russian general. I'll start with Senator Obama. Do you negotiate with the hijackers in the hope of saving lives, or do you flee into the bowels of the craft, then pick them off, one by one, with makeshift shanks and your bare hands?
Ah, sweet politics. May the most physically attractive candidate win, again, and may that be Senator Obama.

Game of the Moment
I posted some sandbox particle-based games earlier, but now they have little fighters who kick each other. Fun!