forbidden fruity

August 7, 2007
Looking at the Apple logo embedded on the back of my iPhone, shiny and reflective in contrast to the brushed metal around it, it occurs to me that if I were a fundamentalist, the bitten apple, with its clear forbidden fruit reference, appearing on more and more consumer devices (the iPod, no less, subverting millions of impressionable youth by isolating them into their own little musical worlds) would make me very suspicious.

Book of the Moment
Books that I didn't know needed to exist: Venereal Disease and the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Feh, guess I'll wait for the softcover.

Factoid of the Moment
Until the nineteenth century, oddly enough, Americans almost never commented on the weather when describing public events.
An amusing enough little book marred by some fairly blatant anti-Clinton editorializing at the end. This factoid comes from the fact that there are conflicting reports as to the weather at George Washington's inauguration.