i'm here because i'm bored

August 11, 2007
I'd like to make a show called "The Dusk Area". Here's a synopsis of the first episode, "At Last Enough Time":
Barry Hemis is a meek bank clerk who loves to read but is denied this pleasure by his shrewish wife and demanding boss. He alone escapes the nuclear holocaust when he sneaks off to the bank vault to read during his lunch break. Emerging, he despairs at the desolation and loneliness of the shattered landscape until he discovers a treasure trove of undamaged books at the public library... enough for him to read for years! Tragically, he accidentally breaks his eyeglasses and is left with nothing. But that's ok because he dies of radiation poisoning a few days later, and in fact barely notices the irony, what with his hair falling out in clumps, the bloody stool, and the constant vomiting.
Pretty good, huh?

Video of the Moment
So until I get around to making that, here's Minesweeper: The Movie
"Why are you really here?"
"I want to make this land safe!"
"Why are you here soldier??"
(via Mr. Ibis)