watch: day 2418

August 12, 2007
Today marks the 2418th day of Here's a reminder of how I figured that. Now, why did I figure that? I'm not sure. But... it certainly is a lot of days, and a lot of kisrael.

Games of the Moment
I just read Dewdney's "The Planiverse", about a 2D universe (but with gravity... it reminded me a bit of the Adventures of Alfredo) and they mentioned Alak which in effect is one dimensional "Go".

Looking for that I found Tetris 1D which is slightly less fun than it sounds.

Backdrop of the Moment
--This is a reassembled backdrop from an old Fleischer Superman short, via animation treasures 1. The urge to reconstruct this kind of backdrop is so fundamentally geeky, I love it.