laughing at stoners

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August 14, 2007
You know, thanks to the way perspectives and vanishing points work, when you look down a long straight road (like, say, the Minute Man Bike Path) it always looks a bit like you're going uphill, or at least it's difficult to judge what the angle is.

Though now that I've learned that you have to regularly reinflate bike tires, it's a lot easier overall.

Video of the Moment
Via Boingboing, a video of stoners videotaping other stoners getting investigated by security that is funnier than it should be.

Politics of the Moment
A monarchy is like a merchantman. You get on board and ride the wind and tide in safety and elation but, by and by, you strike a reef and go down. But democracy is like a raft. You never sink, but, damn it, your feet are always in the water.