open wide. wider.

August 15, 2007
I had a dentist appointment this morning.

Life with the dentist... well, the dental hygenist... has gotten better since I figured out I can kind of cooperate with her, think about what part of my mouth she's working on and try to angle things appropriately. It's much less painful than just trying to keep my mouth open as wide as possible the entire time.

I amused myself my trying to think of a story with a main character who found a dental checkup the most relaxing thing in the world and would try to generate excuses to go. But then I realized the only way that would seem realistic to me is if the character had such a screwed up and stressful life that having someone scrape and prod around the teeth and gums with sharp instruments was a nice distraction.

Quote of the Moment
"One of the best things to come out of the home computer revolution could be the general and widespread understanding of how severely limited logic really is."
--Frank Herbert

Link of the Moment
I was amused by Slate's glossary of Hedge-Fund-ese.

Photo of the Moment
--Slightly odd thing to see out your window, planes refueling over Back Bay... I also posted a brief video on Youtube that shows the whole scene.