it's 12:12

August 17, 2007
It's twelve after twelve Thursday night, I'm at my friend's birthday get-together at a karaoke bar, and I just sang a dang-near perfect "Ghost Riders in the Sky"... between a mild cold and shouting along to too many songs, I had a great cowboy timbre.

Oh, and the whisky sours.

Followup of the Moment
So yeah, that was written last night. Got in late. I knew I might not be on my A game this morning when I finally started to make the mistake I had been vaguely expecting for a few weeks now, grabbing the pre-shave splash-on stuff thinking it was mouthwash... (to be fair they're both green liquids in similar bottles.)

So recently I came up with the idea of using a different font for kisrael. Do people thing this looks better or worse than what I have currently? I know it can be hard to judge fairly because it's less familiar...