but ice knows many voices

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In the news, thousands of mourners -- including firefighters from across the nation -- are gathering to morn Paul Cahill and Warren Payne who died while fighting a restaurant fire in West Roxbury.

I don't mean to take anything away from firefighters -- having someone willing to put his or her life on the line to protect your person and property is something none of us should take for granted -- but I'm a bit surprised that this kind of event is so rare that it's feasible to have a national gathering of firefighters when it does occur.

Geek Poem of the Moment
Some said the world should be in Perl;
Some said in Lisp.
Now, having given both a whirl,
I held with those who favored Perl.
But I fear we passed to men
A disappointing founding myth,
And should we write it all again,
I'd end it with
A close-paren.
I also liked today's cartoon on Insomia.Essay of the Moment
Game- and comic book-author Evan Skolnick says " Everything I Needed to Know About Game Writing I Learned From Star Trek". Kind of a nice walk down memory lane, and a good exercise in thinking about plot and character.