click, shoot, sigh

Man, digital photography really changes things, doesn't it? What a bummer: the times of my life I find it easiest to be nostalgic about are also the least well-documented (heh, maybe there's a hint of cause and effect there) simply because photos cost money to develop then. And while there was something special about the "ooh, open the envelope and see how they came out!" moment, it wasn't a substitute for the instant feedback and ability to re-pose shots that didn't quite come out.

There are some odd side effects of this sea change... times when I happened to have a camera around (generally this one decent 35mm point and shoot I inherited from Nana) loom larger as I think of my past. And, frankly, my standards for photos of people I cherish have gone up, whereas before the photos I liked were usually "just snapshots".

Video of the Moment

--Ronald Jenkees is...amazing. Unabashedly in love with his music, he reminds me of some of my comp sci professors, if they could do what they did on a musical keyboard instead of a computer one. He's more focused on jamming than beats, but does both pretty well.

Game and Links of the Moment
Crayon Physics (Windows only?) is a lovely little creation game... use a virtual crayon to draw boxes (and other shapes, though things tend to get boxified) to push a red ball into a star. As you create each box, it begins to fall, topple, and otherwise follow the laws of game physics.

Kloonigames is on a game-a-month kick, I need to check out all the entries in the Season 1 Overview sometime soon. (Did that. Some real delight in there. Reminds me I need to catch up on Orisinal some day.)

In other game design coverage, Bad Designer, No Twinkie! are articles from a game design blog that discuss what NOT to do when designing a video game.