3.5 years a second

Ugh, so zonked from staying up way too late last night finishing up some more of those games. I'll write more about the experience when some other secondary activities around it get finished up (i.e. wrapping all 100 games with a single giant launcher) Quite a culture-burning geek experience.

I did take some time to watch the Pats. Man, I hope the Jets aren't as bad as the Pats made them look, and Tom Brady plus Randy Moss are just that good... I suppose Ellis Hobbs' 108-yard kickoff-return was a bit of a fluke (I mean half of the chance of that depends on a really good kick) but still. And Moss may be a go-to guy, but the Pats seem to be leveraging that to open things up for their other offensive possibilities.

Plus I got to see Lex and Michi over lunch, so a good weekend in all, if a bit oddly-focused.

Video of the Moment

--35 years of Shinjuku in 10 seconds. Amazing, I wish I could see something like this for Boston or NY.