duh dumb chhh

Probably another day without much of an update.

Quote of the Moment
[walking by the DVD section at Target]
"Hey look, '300' for eighteen bucks."
"Wow. That's like... six cents per."
Evil B and me the other week.

Articles of the Moment
Like Slate points out, Osama bin Laden sounds less batshit insane in his latest video, and maybe that's a ploy to try to recruit Westerners who would that be in a better position to dodge profiling for and perpetrate nefarious deeds. (Though maybe his dyed beard is a sign of war? Though it's not like that would be such a new posture for him.)

In somewhat related thoughts, Slashdot points to an article that says there might be brain differences in how liberals and conservatives think... though one person's "open to new concepts" is another's "will listen to any damn fool idea".