park street is burning!

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Last night on the T they said they weren't going to be making a stop at Park Street (one of the hubs) and would be going straight through to Government Center because of a "Fire Emergency".

For a moment it seemed kind of odd that they would let subway cars pass through. I have to confess to a tinge of hope that the train would be picking its way through some kind of smoky ruin, embers still glowing. (If nothing else, to make some compelling shots for my photography class--it's not like I have anything against Park Street station.)

I have a nagging feeling I saw a similar scene (semi-automated transportation system taking the horrified passengers through some kind of ravaged, post-apocalyptic landscape) in a movie or game, but can't think of what. Maybe the recent "War of the Worlds" remake? That at least had a flaming train barreling through a train station.

Of course, the reality in the station was far more humdrum, a mostly empty station with some MBTA workers checking things out, some bewildered older guy wondering why none of the trains would stop to let him on.

Idea of the Moment
Hockey Needs a Soccer Premiership-like league system. The core idea, where the worst 3 teams get kicked out of the "major league" and 3 teams from the next one down get promoted seems fantastic, a way of keeping up the drama at the lower levels and stopping brazen "playing for the draft-pick".

Video of the Moment
A gal I met at the xkcd dream girl event (a gal currently at my alma mater, who let me try out the Diablo/Chinese Yo-yo she was playing with) sends along this Rube Goldberg video... similar to stuff I'd posted before, and a little "cheaty" with the cuts, but the bit with the chess board is brilliant.