nybbles and bytes

Turbo Ice. Lovely concoction from Dunkin' Donuts; iced coffee with espresso thrown in.

Quote of the Moment
These days, if you can actually see a bit, it's probably safe to say that the bit is taking up entirely too much space!
Charles Petzold in "Code: The hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software"
Talking about the progression from punch card and paper tape for computer storage.

Logic of the Moment
Petzold also quotes this Lewis Carroll logic exercise:
"all philosophers are logical;
an illogical man is always obstinate."
Petzold points out that the conclusion isn't obvious. It's "Some obstinate persons are not philosophers". I'm not sure if that's the only one you can get, trying to make a Venn diagram from it, I thought I saw some other implications that would lead up to it.

Game of the Moment
This Slate article on how people Google on candidates, what search terms are most used in association with their names when searching on Google, is kind of fun. Actually, use of Google suggest can almost be a solo parlor game: think of a name, try and guess what the most popular terms are, see if you're right... kind of a guessing game of you vs. the Internet, the only thing is that Google doesn't sort the results by popularity, which is unfortunate.