double-yew double-yew double-yew dot

I just heard a dumb radio spot, or maybe it was just pretending, for AT&T. A bunch of cheerleaders were shouting "W! T! G! T!" (Way To Go Team) and "G! T! G!" (Go Team Go) as well as saying "I D W" for "I Don't Wanna"-- it's some promotion for text messaging. Ironically, only the mother's character's Not Getting It "ASAP" example is actually shorter when spoken than the original phrase. (It's the old "www" thing all over again.)

On a similar note I noticed I've stopped using the usual abbreviations like "C U" and "4", just because the iPhone kind of pushes you away from the short cuts.

Video of the Moment
--Best part: "When God Gives You Lemons YOU FIND A NEW GOD". Via trunkbutt.

Quote of the Moment
You can't see ANYTHING from a car, You've got to get out of the goddamned contraption and walk...