November 28, 2007
I was going to ramble about how surprised I am at the prevalence of iPod and iPhone bumpers, how these are very aesthetically pleasing and elegant devices, and wrapping them in rubber or vinyl really takes its toll on their slimness and overall feel. I asbsent-mindedly turn my iPhone over and over in my hand, a very expensive worry stone.

Then I found this guy who encased his iPod in a block of resin -- and it still works! (Not the touch dial, but through the port exposed at the bottom.)
So those "rubber baby ipod bumpers" folk got nothing on him.

Quote of the Moment
"My life is a furious ball of nothing."

Charity of the Moment
But in an attempt to get beyond the furious ball of nothing... charity!

I repeated my family's donation to Beau's Salvation Army Virtual Christmas Kettle. Like i said last year, the Salvation Army really is an excellent choice for your charity dollar, great bang for the buck in terms of helping people out. Beau would like to raise $500, and he's over halfway there...