the discrete charm of the green line at rush hour

After work yesterday I had to head out right at the crack of five for my final photography class.

Arlington Station was crowded.

I love the subterfuge of the conductors as they try to urge people not to jam the already packed cars any further... "there's another train coming!" Well, duh, of course, it's a frickin' subway! There's always another train coming, it's when that's the question, and in this case the answer was "not for ten minutes or so", until that side of the station was getting so packed people were queuing on the stairs.

Also, people who get on at Boylston Station inbound during rush hour are idiots. The entrance to Park Street is, literally, a stone's throw away (err, if you had a really good arm at least) so either you're jamming into a car to save 50 yards of walking for 10 minutes of waiting, or if your destination is further down the Green Line, you'd find it 2 or 3 times less crowded getting on board at Park Street once all the people aiming for the Red Line disembark.

Job Description of the Moment
Qualified individuals will possess at least 2-3 years of prior commercial collections experience in a fast paced corporate environment, strong verbal communication and organization skills. Prior experience in commercial collections required. Great Plains experience is a plus. The ideal candidate will have exceptional Excel skills, excellent analytical skills, and a persuasive, yet professional demeanor.
I've never bothered taking myself off "The Career Place's" mailing list, so I still get intermittent notification of job openings, though rarely anything that's up my alley. Still, this listing caught my eye, if only because of the euphemistic glory of "a persuasive, yet professional demeanor".