turkey day photo roundup

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December 8, 2007
So I finished up my class on Photographic Composition. The last assignment was "Thanksgiving" in general, here are the two photos I decided to show:

Self-portrait at Alewife. I think this reflects the weariness of travel (even if it is me at the end of a work week.)

Table shot from Thanksgiving with our cousins. I just like the macabre juxtaposition of a cartoon turkey (proudly labled Kirk) gazing on a plate of his massacred and delicious real-life cousin.

One of the other students in the class thought that I should have put up this image instead:
That's one thing I learned from the class: it's hard to judge your own work. I like the regular composition of it, but was worried it was a bit too "snapshotish"

That Sunday we went to a brunch they had at the Museum of Science. We caught the electricity show:
It is kind of funny how the twin Tesla towers look like a butt. "Remember kids it's all thanks to SCIENCE! Plus, watch out for lightning."

Finally, here is an animation of my mom:

The class was useful, especially in teaching me how to read shots. It also taught me that I approach photography different than most of the students there. They approach photography as more of a traditional studio art, often making careful arrangements at home and sometimes really getting into the lens type and focal length and all that jazz. My photography is a little closer to photojournalism, trying to document the interesting stuff I come across in life in as compelling a shot as possible.