is that supposed to be funny?

December 9, 2007


So I spent yesterday afternoon writing a mashup parody of an obscure (by non-Indie standards, anyway) Indie game flywrench (you can see a teaser video here) and my own joustpong. It's called:
(I didn't embed it here on the page because it has an obnoxious sound track, kind of a bastardized version of the scratchy electronic music of the original, generated by slowing and "wah-wah'ing" the sound file I used to load my game into the Atari hardware during development.)

So, it's a joke that really only like 3 people should get (folks following both modern Indie gaming and Atari 2600 homebrews) but the author of the original said it was "amazing", so I guess no hard feelings.

In other words, I sent 120-odd Atari cartridges to a good home. I kept out the ones I really loved, and the multiplayer ones, but in a way it was a farewell to pieces of my childhood. But most of the games I can get in emulation, and at this point in my life, I need to separate myself from the Stuff that's taking up rent without paying me back.

Sentence of the Moment
When I look at people that I would like to feel have been a mentor or an inspiring kind of archetype of what I'd love to see my career eventually be mentioned as a footnote for in the same paragraph, it would be, like, Bowie.
Trent Reznor.
Language Log has named a prize for "tricky embedding" after him for this linguistic feat of nesting dolls.