sticky brain

December 13, 2007
I'm almost concerned about how absorbed I've been by books lately -- sometimes the context switch -- from the mental landscape of the book to the approaching T station -- is quite jarring, and I really have to think about where I am and what I mean to be doing next.

When I was in sixth grade or so I was very hard to distract when I had my nose in a book, so I guess I shouldn't worry too much about this as a new sign of decreasing mental faculties, but still it can be disconcerting.

Wedding Video of the Moment
So this summer I went to Chicago for Lex's + Michi wedding. They're the wedding video of the week at their videographers, "fig media". (I have an offscreen cameo, Michi yelling "Hey Kirk! ... you're going in there--" from across the street... that was the day I was walking for miles in the hot Chicago summer in a black suit and bad shoes.)

I'm greatly impressed. It really beings you back to the event! For a while I'd been poo-pooing video in general, in part because it's less flexible than stills, but I think the bigger problem is so few people have any kind of production values when they do their home movies. Either you're looking at endless raw footage or just poor and arbitrary selections... clips with a good and meaningful soundtrack really make it!

So congrats again Lex + Michi...

Google Search of the Moment
Yesterday the top Google match for
"still crazy after all these years" analysis
was last year's Washington Post article Bin Laden Tape Calls Zarqawi 'Brave Knight' -- could someone have googlebombed this? Or there must have been a really prominent site using that as the link caption, because the literal phrase doesn't appear in the article at all.