December 14, 2007
So there was snowing and shoveling yesterday.

It's that time of year that always makes me questions if these latitudes are truly fit for human habitation.

Yeah, sure, there's kind of "Kum Ba Yah" we all get, the smiles and friendly greetings we give each other as we pass as a shoveler and pedestrian, but really it's just a big mutual sympathy thing.

And then there's the people enjoying themselves on cross country skis on my damn street. Is there a polar (har-har) opposite of Schadenfreude? Suffering in the joy of others? 'Cause that's exactly what I get.

Accident of the Moment
--Yesterday morning (before the snow) there was a fender bender on the MBTA - the injuries weren't serious, but if I was in a neckbrace on a stretcher, the last thing I'd want to see is their "Charlie on the MTA" mascot giving me a big thumbs up...

Camp Stories of the Moment
Switching gears to more summery times, Felisdemens has a brilliant list of personal experience DOs and (mostly) DON'Ts For Girl Scout Camp (modeled roughly on The 213 Things Skippy Is No Longer Allowed To Do In The U.S. Army list that was making the rounds awhile back)

Here's a sample: She's like the Wednesday Adams of Upstate New York... so much cooler than my own YMCA camp rules.