dude wheres your feet lol

Thursday already? Wow. The holidays really mess with your sense of time.

I'd like to start paying back some of my usual sleep deficit, but thanks (I think in part) to a cold I'm still getting up at 7.

Bad Comic Art of the Moment
--Bill pointed out The 40 Worst Rob Liefeld Drawings- Liefeld was this insanely popular artist in the 90s, but technically he's pretty bad. And cannot draw a foot, and seems to go out of his way to avoid drawing them, like in this example. I admit I wouldn't notice have the gaffs the article points out... maybe some of it works as a "style"?

Quote of the Moment
I think it's much better to be a good cartoonist than a terrible minister
Charles Schulz.
And Rob Liefeld is neither! ZING!