when pseudodyslexia strikes

The letters "m" and "b" seem to be crosswired in my brain, especially when typing-- in particular I'll swap in the pairs "me"/"be" and "my"/"by". One weird side effect of this emerged yesterday, I'm updating the loveblender's "send in a work" scripts, and scripts that used to be called "addwork" are now "submitwork". It turns out "submit" is very difficult to type with emacs tab completion, I keep typing the first part as "subi". I must've done that like 10 times bouncing between files. I think I type "b" and my brain registers the "m" as done.

Video of the Moment

--Captivating, ain't it? (At least after 0:50 or so) I didn't realize that this part of the Kanye West song Stronger was a separate Daft Punk song. I do prefer the Kanye West beat and some of the lyrical deftness (err, with the klondike rhyme having a certain wistfulness for me) though after hearing a copy of the whole CD I'm not the biggest Kanye fan in general.