the patriots networks

On my way to Rockport.

Some small bits of football history are being made today, if nothing else, the simulcast. With the Patriots having this much success of late, here's a page with a lesson on how hardluck the team has been historically speaking:
The Patriots were founded by Billy Sullivan, who was barely able to scrounge up $25,000 and hustle it down to the Mercantile Bank & Trust in Dallas to stake his claim to the eighth and final AFL franchise in 1959.

Which pretty much set the tone of his ownership. His son, Chuck, made his fortune the Steve Martin way: "How I turned a million dollars in real estate into twenty-five dollars cash!" Substitute Michael Jackson for real estate and you get the real story.
Good times for now, though, boy howdy! Do any of the networks carrying it offer a reason to watch on their channel in particular? Same announcer, right?