chop that wood!

January 6, 2008
So, football.

The Venn diagram overlap of Star Wars and Football fans meets its apogee (block that metaphor!) in's Football Predictions where each team inner Star Wars character is revealed. This is the retrospective edition, seeing how each mapping worked out and suggesting new ones for the mismatches.

Slate's guide to faking your way through the playoffs mentioned Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio's motivational prop gone awry. An wood stump, an ax, testosterone-laden football players and a mandate to "keep choppin' wood" -- what could possibly go wrong?
"Chris said that everyone else had been taking a swing with the ax, chopping the wood, and he finally decided to do it, too," Rosenhaus said. "Unfortunately, the ax either went through the wood, or bounced off it, and went into Chris' foot. Chris told me it is a pretty significant injury."
I just imagine some kind of stunned silence, marred only by their punter's cries of pain. I mean, how stupid would you feel having such a goofy object lesson take out one of your players for a season?

Quote of the Moment
We live in a Newtonian world of Einsteinian physics ruled by Frankenstein logic.