poli wanna tick

January 5, 2008
So Obama took Iowa.

I was wondering why I had heard Edwards as the possible front runner? Before a few weeks ago it was all Hillary vs. Obama (sidenote: is it sexist we use Clinton's first name but the last name of most of the other candidates, or just to make more distinction from husband?)

How does pop culture play in this... is the Huckabee campaign helped by the movie "i <3 huckabees"? Is Obama aided by "24" and its portrayal of an African American president?

Electability, including my cynical view that physically appealing candidates have a huge edge, is foremost in my mind. I think Hillary Clinton has been too much of a rallying figure for the Republicans, and also voters are more sexist than they are racist. And Hillary has this Lieberman-esque way of playing the Won't Someone Think of the Children type card, so while I admire her previous work on single player healthcare, I'm kind of hoping she isn't the Democratic candidate... and that she doesn't turn the campaign too negative.

Quote of the Moment
This Culture War bullshit is starting to drive me nuts. I'd go live in a cave somewhere if I thought I could find one with DSL.