there is no god and murphy is his prophet

January 9, 2008
I was somewhat aware of the application of Murphy's Principles that states:
the best way to find a missing pair of glasses is to go ahead and purchase the replacements.
But I'm a little disconcerted how thoroughly I've been applying this late as of late, a few months ago with my regular glasses, and then just yesterday with my sunglasses.

Oh well. The new sunglass frames I picked out (or rather, the Eye Q custom frames that proprietor David looked up as I walked in and said 'Those' -- good advice spoken authoritatively, that's exactly what I need in matters of fashion) are pretty rockin', a nice break from the classic Blues Brothers-wannabe black plastic look that I tend to stick with but probably isn't the best for my face.

Mystery of the Moment
--Charming Mystery of the story behind an idiosyncratic cartoon face drawn by this guy's father.

Exchange of the Moment
"[Sobbing] This is the worst day of my life!"
"--The worst day of your life so far..."