fine's not a sound

January 13, 2008
Heh. A guy I know on Atari Age just told me he overpayed a bit ($50 was the final price) for a copy of JoustPong on Ebay. The person dealing the item mentions that you can't get it new anymore, that the best you can do is FlapPing - the same game but with a different title screen, which I suppose is a point of interest for a collector.

Plus it came with one of the 50 or so T-shirts I made with it.

No word on the mylar bag the game and T-shirt came packaged in. (Surprisingly, a professional quality box is about the more difficult things for the homebrewers to do a nice economical job on.)

Heh. It reminds me that I never quite settled on whether it was "Joust Pong" or "Joust-Pong" or "JoustPong" or what.

Exchange of the Moment
I just had an accident trying to see your picture."
"Will you get here in time to take me out to dinner?"
"I almost died."
"Well, you sound fine."
"Fine's not a sound.